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Supermarkets remain relatively unaffected by economic cycles. Consumption is a thing of all times. A supermarket is therefore an interesting investment property. But under what conditions? At which location? And what rate of return can be expected? Questions that SuperVastgoed is sure to answer to the full satisfaction of all parties involved as we have a solid knowledge of the business. Right from the first exploratory meeting up to the final signature, you have a consultant by your side who knows the ins and outs of the business. A sparring partner who optimizes and stabilizes the returns of your investment – no matter what.

Buying intermediation

Investing = weighing the opportunities and risks. Is in-house knowledge at hand?

Why supermarkets?

Historic returns don’t lie: supermarkets were, are and remain interesting investment categories.

Selling intermediation

You don’t want to sell off your supermarket as a bargain. Yet, what is realistic?