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Sure you’re taking the right steps? The SuperVastgoed market research ensures a strong position. From a complete portfolio analysis, in which various locations are mirrored to each other, to an analysis at location level. The focus is on the viability of a supermarket now and in the future.


A supermarket can act like a magnet for a neighborhood shopping centre. Are you in doubt whether to develop or to renovate a shopping centre? Opt for a retail format that complements your shopping centre or rather: enhances the commercial potential. SuperVastgoed combines knowledge of shopping centers in general and of supermarkets in particular. In that way, you can be certain that your shopping centre is future-proof.

Turnover estimate

Your rental value is partly determined by the real estate value; especially the turnover value is vital. SuperVastgoed helps you gain a better understanding of – and therefore feeling for – available turnover data. We offer you an insight into a, for the Netherlands, unique database with data on value development, property features and quality of location. We assess whether the rental value is in conformity with the market, check provisions and stipulations and inventories feasible returns. Further, you get a better understanding of socio-demographic trends in the market area, the competition and the distributive market situation.


A well-founded advice begins with thorough market research. Turnover is always leading in such a research. Turnover is the basis of each advice on the opportunities and possibilities of a specific supermarket location, the mediation for rent negotiations or a real estate transaction. SuperVastgoed guarantees an unbiased estimation of turnover in every market area. We have an answer to all your questions regarding buying and selling advice, redevelopment of a shopping centre or the feasibility of a supermarket implementation at property level. We can also substantiate your hold vs sell analysis at property level – or even your complete portfolio – with detailed reports.