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The rent determines the short-term income for the owner of the supermarket property. In addition, it is also an important part of the operating costs for the supermarket business, and determines its willingness to work with and stay with you. The challenge with every rental mediation is to find the right balance between everyone’s interests so that both parties get a good position.


As an investor, you want to get maximum returns. Your tenant wants an acceptable rent. Optimizing this balance is clearly something for our professionals. SuperVastgoed is well acquainted with the latest trends and developments. In combination with an extensive database, we give you tailored advice about rents that are, on the one hand, in conformity with the rental market for the tenant and, on the other, profitable for you.


Not everybody is used to cutting a harsh deal. Good thing this is daily business for SuperVastgoed. As negotiators, we are always on your side. We acknowledge your interests. And we base our tactics on thorough research regarding the location, the power of the tenant party and the opportunities for investing in supermarkets. Relevant reference rents substantiate our advice. Furthermore, we are experienced in executing the rental procedure of article 7:303 BW (Dutch Civil Code).


Want to gain more insight into the investment landscape of the location of your choice? SuperVastgoed elucidates this vision in a clear and concise report. We also have the skills to analyse whether a location is future-proof: which developments can influence the turnover of that supermarket and what is the best strategy for renting or possibly selling this property?